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The Garden State Numismatic Association (GSNA) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit educational organization -- a regional fraternity of individuals and clubs dedicated to the art and science of numismatics. Members include coin collectors, coin clubs, dealers of coins, currency, and exonumia. The association is dedicated to promoting the coin collecting hobby through educational programs.

The GSNA is ANA (American Numismatic Association) Club Life Member #17.

GSNA history

The GSNA was founded in 1975 with the goal of acting as a uniting force within the numismatic community of New Jersey, specifically to work among the coin clubs and to provide both resources and "an active force for the betterment of the hobby". The GSNA founding fathers hoped to accomplish these purposes through periodic seminars, setting up a statewide speakers bureau, helping local clubs arrange special programs, and establishing rapport among clubs and collectors. Leadership of the GSNA includes a President, two Vice-Presidents, a Treasurer, a Recording Secretary, a Corresponding Secretary, a Journal Editor, and a Convention Chairman. Once a year the association holds a Convention, typically in mid-May. This event includes a bourse floor, exhibits, educational programs, and specialty meetings.

The fact that now, over 35 years later, the GSNA sponsors one of the largest coin shows in the state, has a speaker's bureau and loaning library, has nearly two dozen member clubs, and over 400 individual members, has continuously published the NJNJ, and continues to provide many valuable functions as hoped by the founders -- is a testament that the GSNA has and is fulfilling it's mission.

Charles E. Fifield is credited with planting the seeds for the founding of the GSNA. He was the first president of the Ocean County Coin Club. But he moved to Alaska before he could see his vision come to fruition. Charles N. Morrison, his successor as president of the Ocean County Club, along with William H. Horton, were the two that set the wheels in motion. They were joined by Ed Reiter, then columnist for the Asbury Park Press, and worked toward the creation of the GSNA. The first president of the GSNA was William Horton of Cliffwood, then president of the Monmouth Coin Club.

A dinner held February 8, 1976 in Hazlet, New Jersey, to honor Val Pasvolsky, marked the first official function of the newly founded Garden State Numismatic Association (GSNA).



The GSNA is now over 500 members strong. Among our membership are some noted numismatists. Members benefit from a number of services the GSNA provides. In addition to the convention, there is a periodic publication (the New Jersey Numismatic Journal), a speaker's bureau, and a loaning library. If you are interested in membership in the GSNA for yourself or your coin club, click here

Each year the GSNA presents the GSNA Numismatist of the Year Award. Below are recent recipients of this award:

2018 - Lou Lavalle
2017 - Michael McKeever
2016 - Mal and Joanne Heckman
2015 - Jeff Burke
2014 - Ray Williams
2013 - Greg Heim
2012 - Jim Majoros
2011 - Pete Doelger
2010 - Pete Wacker
2009 - Dennis Berube
2008 - Eric Knapp
2007 - Chris Butchko
2006 - Dave Bailey
2005 - Al Zaika
2004 - Ron Thompson
2003 - Robert Beels, Jr.
2002 - Larry Gentile
2001 - Frank Dolan
2000 - Arno Safran
1999 - Steve Middleton
1998 - Kari Brower
1997 - Dave Wilson

Each year the GSNA awards an outstanding member club the GSNA Club of the Year Award. Below are recent recipients of this award:
2019 - Trenton Coin Club
2018 - Ocean County Coin Club
2017 - Watchung Hills Coin Club
2016 - Northern Valley Coin Club
2015 - New Jersey Numismatic Society
2014 - Ocean County Coin Club
2013 - Roxbury Coin Club
2012 - Watchung Hills Coin Club
2011 - Roxbury Coin Club
2010 - Atlantic County Numismatic Society
2009 - Ocean County Coin Club
2008 - Roxbury Coin Club
2007 - Ocean County Coin Club
2006 - Northern Valley Coin Club
2005 - Watchung Hills Coin Club
2004 - Hackettstown Coin Club
2003 - Ocean County Coin Club
2002 - Roxbury Coin Club
2001 - Ocean County Coin Club
2000 - Roxbury Coin Club
1999 - Ocean County Coin Club
1998 - Watchung Hills Coin Club
1997 - Ocean County Coin Club

Each year the GSNA awards a "junior" collector the Young Numismatist of the Year Award. Below are recent recipients of this award:
2019 - Matthew Thompson
2014 - Cedric Derecho
2012 - Mike Mastellone
2011 - Ryan Hrapsky
2010 - Simon Beier
2009 - Chris Donato & Will Robins
2008 - Zachary Beier
2007 - Brian Jen
2006 - Grant Mallalieu
2005 - Jessica Knueppel
2004 - Max Spiegel
2003 - Jay Feldman & Jenalyn Clegg

In addition, the GSNA periodically recognizes individuals for their efforts in the numismatic community with the following awards:

Larry Gentile Award
Awarded to individuals decdicated to providing numismatic education to those in the GSNA and beyond.
2019 - Dave Bailey
2018 - John Frost and Carl Feldman

Lifetime Achievement Award
2018 - Tom Hyland

If you have any historical information (including articles and photos) that you would like to contribute to this page, or for more information about the GSNA, please email gsnainfo@gmail.com.



Q: What are my coins worth?
A: This is what everyone wants to know. The key proper valuation is based on a solid education. At the GSNA our goal is to help collectors learn more about grading, authenticating, valuations, and understanding the intricacies of coin collecting.

Q: What is the GSNA?
A: The Garden State Numismatic Association is the largest fraternity of coin and currency collectors in New Jersey. Among their membership are individuals and clubs, beginning collectors and seasoned numismatists. Click here for more information about the GSNA.

Q: How do I join?
A: Click here to download the membership application.

Q: What are some of the benefits of joining?
A: Click here for a complete list of member benefits.

Q: How old is the GSNA?
A: The GSNA held its first meeting in 1976. Click here for more information about the history of the GSNA.

Q: Who runs the GSNA?
A: Click here for a complete list of current GSNA officers.

Q: Is the GSNA a member club of the American Numismatic Association?
A: The GSNA is ANA club life member number 17.

Q: Do members have to live in New Jersey to be members?
A: No. Although most of members live in New Jersey, there are many who live in Pennsylvania, New York, Connecticut, Vermont, Maine, Maryland, Ohio, Texas, Florida, Wisconsin, and other states.

Q: Is the GSNA the oldest organized group of numismatists in the Garden State?
A: While the GSNA is the largest group of numismatists in New Jersey, the smaller New Jersey Numismatic Society has a history of some 70 years in existence. 

Q: Will the GSNA buy my coins?
A: No, the GSNA does not buy or sell coins as an association. If you have coins you wish to sell, we recommend you contact one of our member dealers who buy and sell coins on their own account. For more information on dealers in your area email your name, address, and phone number to gsnainfo@gmail.com for a free referral. 

Q: Can young collectors join the GSNA?
A: Absolutely. The GSNA has a reduced membership for Young Numismatists (YN's). In addition there are a number of special programs for YN's including an all-day YN program at the annual convention.

Q: How can I contribute to the GSNA?
A: Contributions are accepted and a receipt will be issued for tax purposes. The GSNA is a non-profit educational corporation. Please send contributions to GSNA,PO Box 87, Annville, PA 17003 or direct inquiries to the Treasurer at gsnainfo@gmail.com



The GSNA currently offers three types of memberships:

Some of the benefits of being a GSNA member include:

For more membership information, please email gsnainfo@gmail.com or download a membership application and mail it to
PO Box 87
Annville, PA 17003

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